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Fan Support

A little submission from Steve Nelson, regarding Mariano Rivera getting booed at Yankee Stadium last week. Ties in nicely with today's This Week in Quotes.

Yankees announder Michael Kay, commenting after Mariano Rivera was booed in Yankee Stadium after blowing a save against the Red Sox:
"New York is going to be the place where free agents don't want to come again. People are going to look at each other and say, 'Wait a minute, Mariano Rivera got booed. I'll take a million dollars less and go play someplace where I'm not going to get booed.'"

So that's it. Players sign contracts to go where they won't be booed. Silly me. All these years I've been thinking players signed with the Yankees because the Yankees offered them bigger contracts, but really, it's because Yankees fans don't boo.

Whooda thunk it?

So that's the key for us in Seattle. The Mariners FO hasn't done a good job of selling "Seattle Nice".  When Bavasi met with Delgado and his agent in their hotel room during the Winter Meetings, Bavasi blew it when he started writing numbers on the easel board trying to find out what it would take to sign Delgado.  I guess he needed to play videos of Safeco field fans supporting their heroes when they blow critical plays.

Oh, Willie, Willie.  During the fourth inning yesterday, I felt your pain. I want you to know that, despite the error that cost the game, don't be be discouraged. All of us in Seattle are here for you, man. You and TND Wilson can always count on us.