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That Familiar Feeling

If you're at a bar and you see an attractive woman, you go up and talk to her. If she rejects you, then you take a confidence hit, but it doesn't stop you from trying again in the future.

Now multiply that rejection by 23875263948723, and what happens? You're a shell of your former self, sitting at home, staring at the wall, muttering to yourself about how you'll never leave the house again because only bad things can happen.

And so it is with Mariner pitchers - eventually, you're just no longer willing to put yourself out there and believe in someone. As E.C. pointed out in the comments section, today's P-I brings some more wonderful news:

For Meche, it was the second time in two starts he has failed to make it into the fifth inning, and he complained of elbow inflammation during and after the game. He had an X-ray afterward that revealed no significant problem.
Pitching coach Bryan Price believes Meche might be letting the inflammation affect him mentally as well as physically, influencing his velocity.

"We want to get him where he feels 100 percent healthy, and he can just go out there with his regular stuff every day," Price said. "He shouldn't have to be getting through a stiff elbow, not this early in the year. We are going to find a way to remedy that."
Meche, who now has a 7.88 ERA in his two losses, said he had some nagging and lingering problems in his arm and elbow throughout spring training. He called it an inflammation in his triceps tendon, where it connects to the bone.

But hey, don't worry! Gil's there to reassure you:

"But it's nothing to worry about. I'm just not getting it done on the mound," he said.

I feel much better.