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Two Baseball Prospectus-Related Points to Make

First of all, because everyone's always curious, PECOTA projects the following AL West standings:

Oakland: 91-71
Anaheim: 86-76
Texas: 82-80
Seattle: 80-82

It sees the Mariners scoring 771 runs, a 73-run improvement over 2004, and allowing 786, down 37 runs from last season.

The other point is intended for those who have a copy of the 2005 book. Read the LA Dodgers essay, and pay particular attention to the conclusion:

Add it all up and the Dodgers find themselves in a very favorable competitive position: They get to roll downhill for the next few years, with a great driver behind the wheel.

I don't really see how DePodesta has demonstrated that he's an upper-tier GM. Sure, he may yet turn into one, but the bias in the article is a little too strong for my taste.