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Abraham Nunez

He's been claimed and added to the 40-man roster. Bucky's been moved to the 60-day DL to make room.

Other moves:

Sherrill --> Tacoma
Reichert --> Minor league camp

Presumably, you'll see Soriano and Atchison moved to the 60-day DL to make room for Sele and Nelson.

With Sherrill going away, the Opening Day bullpen should look a lot like this:

Closer: Guardado
Setup: Putz, Nelson
Middle Relief: Hasegawa, Villone, Mateo
Long Relief: Franklin
Token Suckass: Thornton

Abraham Nunez is a 28 year old corner outfielder with a tantalizing collection of tools that once made him a hot prospect until he lost three years to Agegate. Although he's always drawn his share of walks, Nunez has struggled to make consistent contact as he's moved up the ladder, turning him into a low-average hitter with decent power.

His footspeed - he stole 20+ bases on three occasions in the minors - hasn't shown up in the Majors, and the .226/.304/.335 line collected over a half-season in Kansas City last year didn't do much good for Nunez's career. PECOTA pegs him for a .246 EqA, sliding neatly in between Danny Bautista and Juan Encarnacion. In order words, he'd be a below-average hitter at an offensive position.

There's reason for hope here, in that his third-best comp - Ricky Ledee - struggled for a while before becoming a useful fourth outfielder in his late 20s, but the star potential is gone. He'll probably show up in Seattle before long, as Bloomquist is miscast in that role and Ibanez is locked in at DH with Jacobsen on the DL. There are worse guys to have around, but Jamal Strong is the better player, so I don't see the point of this move.