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Get Ready for Dobbs

Apparently, there's no stopping this freight train.

A pinch-hit grand slam in yesterday's 7-7 tie against Arizona was enough to make him the main subject of separate articles in the Times, PI, and News Tribune today. John Levesque's piece was capped off by this snappy conclusion:

And so Dobbs plays spring games with an intensity you won't always see among guys who already have made the team.

And he gets a little torqued when an ill wind ruins what should have been a pretty good day.

Gotta love the feisty attitude. It's something that's been missing from the Mariners' clubhouse the past couple of years.

If you read through any of the three articles, you'll see that Dobbs is upset about misplaying a windblown pop-up for which Hargrove forgives him. That kind of drive for perfection is what separates Dobbs from other guys, who do silly things like "hit well" and "develop successful track records."

...but wait, there's more!

Dobbs had exactly that yesterday, but he also wants to sell his usefulness. He has played third base, first base and left field this spring and figures the Mariners could use the versatility.

By occupying three of the four left-most positions of the defensive spectrum, Dobbs has made himself redundant with Scott Spiezio. Huzzah!

Bucky can't get healthy fast enough.