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Sele Solid Again

I have to give Aaron Sele some credit, he is at least making some form of an impact this month. In fact, I am kind of impressed at his performance thus far. But then again, I expected him to show up for a couple weeks and just place a ball on a tee for opponents, so I had pretty low thoughts about his ability.

His outing today pushed his ERA down to 1.50 in 12.0 innings of work. In these 12 innings, he has allowed 5 hits, 2 walks while striking out 9. His only real competition, Ryan Franklin, turned in a respectable performance the other day, throwing 5 innings of shut-out baseball. In reality, it isn't much of a competition. It's like a blind man leading a blind man.

Spring training stats are, for the most part, useless. A lot of players use the spring to fine tune certain aspects of their game and clubs use spring to evaluate young players. Because of this, I have a hard time seeing Sele continuing this sort of progress into the season, let alone the remainder of spring training. However, if he somehow can continue to keep up his respectable spring, the team may have no choice but to play the hot hand and cross their fingers.

Another option would be to give him the Tony Womack treatment and spin him off for some useful minor leaguer, which isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

Site Note: I'm working on a couple pieces that I should have posted at various times over the next week, with one coming tomorrow (at least that is the plan).