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Aaron Sele

Just like with Jamey Wright before, Sele's established something of an ultimatum: either he breaks camp with the team, or he becomes free to pursue deals with other organizations. Which means that (to everyone's dismay, I'm sure) you won't be seeing him in Tacoma, barring an injury rehab assignment. We can only hope that the front office doesn't view this as a "give him a chance or lose him forever" situation, because Sele's got nothing left in the tank, and he's a 5+ ERA waiting to happen. In an offensive-minded division populated by the likes of Vlad Guerrero, Eric Chavez, and Mark Teixeira, the idea of Sele sending those slow hangers towards the plate in competitive games is enough to keep you up at night and make you forget about all your other problems. In that sense, his pitching is something of a powerful narcotic, but "I was just experimenting" isn't a good enough excuse for its consumption.