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Some Pieces of News

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As you may have read yesterday, Pokey tweaked his ankle doing a rundown drill on the infield, making for a fairly predictable first injury of spring. A series of rain storms has turned the field into something of a marsh - a definite health hazard - threatening other, more expensive ankles, and forcing the coaching staff to readjust the practice schedule. Reese, Chris Snelling, and Jamal Strong have all been locked in the clubhouse with a deck of cards and string cheese, to be released when the rain lets up and the field dries out.

As you can also read in the article, Rafael Soriano is "coming along real well." This after Joel Pineiro "handled it perfectly," Eddie Guardado "was giddy" and felt good, Jorge Campillo "was great,", and Jamie Moyer "threw a nice bullpen." I don't know about you, but it seems to me that we're in line to have the best pitching staff of all time, which is pretty neat.

Jim Street has a piece on Yuniesky Betancourt up on the official page. It doesn't really say much about his playing ability, but we can be certain that Betancourt does exist, which is more than you can say for Maels Rodriguez.

Finally, Mike Fetters has become a player agent-in-training. I don't know much about Mike's personality, but I think this could become the most successful business venture of the century.

Mike: Branyan wants ten million dollars.
Team: No.
Mike: Yes.
Team: No.
Mike: -Fetters patented head-jerk-
Team: Ahhhhhh! Take whatever you want!

I don't want this guy representing Felix when he's nearing free agency.