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In Case You Haven't Been Paying Attention

...the race for the fifth spot in the rotation is up for grabs.

With Campillo in camp and already throwing impressive bullpens (although I bet you can't find me a Spring Training article that says, "the guy threw some pitches, but I wasn't impressed at all."), and Franklin reluctant to return to the bullpen, this will almost certainly become the most intense competition for a roster spot of the spring. You'd like to think that a flashy six weeks wouldn't be enough to make Aaron Sele a possibility, but he's in there too, and there's also this Felix guy with funny hair whose name has been bandied about...

Hargrove says that, at this point, only three rotation spots are secured - presumably Moyer, Pineiro, and Meche - but Madritsch is going to hang on to his slot, meaning that the matter of replacing Franklin becomes a question of When, not If. If he doesn't get beat out by his ST competition, he'll be the guy - barring injury - who gives up his spot when Hernandez is ready and promoted in July (yes, I'm going out on a limb here). What happens to Franklin when he loses his spot has yet to be determined; you get the feeling like he'd want to be traded somewhere where he could start, but I wouldn't mind putting him back in the bullpen and seeing if his peripherals return to where they were a few years ago.


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