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Military Intelligence, Jumbo Shrimp, Pretty Ugly

...and Jose Canseco's credibility.


Jose Canseco's tell-all book strongly implies that Mariners second baseman Bret Boone used steroids in 2001
Canseco relates an incident during a spring-training game in 2001 between the Mariners, who had just signed Boone to a free-agent contract, and Canseco's Anaheim Angels.

"I hit a double, and when I got out there to second base, I got a good look at Boone," Canseco writes. "I couldn't believe my eyes. He was enormous.
Still, though, sometimes you just had to laugh -- and it was that way with Bret Boone. Sure enough, Bret used his hulking new body to go crazy that season."

A little later in the article:

A check of spring-training records from 2001 shows that Canseco batted four times against the Mariners and didn't have any doubles. He reached base once, and it was not clear if he advanced to second.