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Braveheart, Coolio, and the OJ Trial

It's 1995 all over again!

Yes, the Mariners plan to acknowledge the ten-year anniversary of their miraculous '95 run with a series of special player appearances and giveaways. On July 2nd, the team will wear those obnoxious teal green throwback jerseys, but the highlights will come on May 3rd, May 31st, and June 21st, when likenesses of Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, and Ken Griffey Jr. - hand-painted by the orphans that Willie Bloomquist saved from that terrible fire - will be distributed amongst the first 25,000 fans at each game.

Other thus-far unannounced promotions will be the Tim Belcher Picture Ball, the Felix Fermin Topps Rookie Card, and the Miniature Bob Wells Doll That Whenever You Knock It Over It Bounces Back Upright Again.