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Trevor Hoffman

One of the greatest closers (and Padres) of all time decided to re-up for two years and $13.5m this afternoon, despite a significant pursuit by Cleveland and rumors that he's deteriorated into nothing but a goatee with a changeup.

What does it mean for Seattle? Nothing, really, except that that Guardado option is looking better and better.

What does it mean for me? Having spent most of my life in San Diego, I've kind of grown up with Trevor Hoffman - he's been a damn fine closer for as long as I can remember, and I can't really imagine what the Padres would look like without him hanging around to finish close ballgames. You can argue all you want about age-related decline, and how Hoffman probably doesn't have too much left in the tank, but he's sort of like San Diego's Edgar Martinez, as long as you forget that he was brought up a Marlin. He's one of the best players the organization's ever had, he's shown loyalty to the city and the team, and he's clearly become one of the most popular players on the roster. Losing Trevor Hoffman to free agency - particularly when he's one good season away from setting the all-time saves record - would've dealt a considerable blow to the Padres and their fans, and as such I don't think going forward without him was ever really an option, even when it looked like the Indians might make a strong push.

Hoffman's really one of the few remaining guys in the game who I pay money to see. Or "experience," I guess, since I don't so much go to Petco to watch Trevor Hoffman throw changeups as I do to hear the Bells. Sure, I always have a good time watching Albert Pujols go yard or Randy Johnson make a fool out of someone, but even after experiencing the event firsthand dozens of times, Hoffman's entrance music still sends chills up my spine. I guess it's one of those things you just have to see for yourself to understand, since I'm having trouble putting it all into words, but suffice to say that when Trevor Hoffman calls it quits, the Padres are going to lose a lot more than a closer.


On another note entirely, I'd like to thank you guys for keeping the diaries section so active, because I'm going through something potentially serious that's taken me away from the site. Hopefully things will return to normal before long, but in the meantime, do keep it up.