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Joe Urbon

Are you familiar with that name?

Because maybe you shouldn't be.

Urbon represents Scott Hatteberg, Kaz Ishii, and Shigetoshi Hasegawa (presumably among others), and according to John Hickey, the Mariners are showing some level of interest in two of his clients.

Although neither addition would be that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, given that Hatteberg would be a bench bat and Ishii probably rotation depth hidden in the back of the bullpen, these guys are the definition of replaceable talent, Hatteberg a first baseman who can't hit and Ishii a flyball pitcher who doesn't throw strikes. They'll also be 36 and 32 years old, respectively, going into next season, so it's not like their career arcs are on the way up.

That said, both Hatteberg and Ishii are lefties, so you had to know the M's would come calling. Pursuit of the former will probably intensify if Greg Dobbs gets claimed off waivers and deteriorate if he doesn't, since they'd be competing for the same job, while Ishii...well, I can't really explain that one. Maybe they just want him for the first few months of the season, as his career pre-ASB FIP is in the low-4's, as opposed to the low-6's in the second half. But that's a reach. Ishii sucks and the Mariners only appear to have marginal interest in adding him to the staff, so with luck, we'll never have to talk about him again.

Enjoy your Saturdays. Go Seahawks.