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The End Of Greg Dobbs

I don't think anyone saw that coming.

To make room for newcomer Jake Woods, the Mariners elected to hang onto more likely DFA candidates like Renee Cortez and Emiliano Fruto and say goodbye to Greg Dobbs, he of the sweet swing and unimpressive performance record. If he clears waivers, he'll wind up back in Tacoma for a third consecutive season, but I'd say there's a fairly reasonable chance that somebody claims him in a search for the left-handed Ken Harvey (who, incidentally, was also just DFA'd, shedding a little light on the market value of 1B/DH types who can't hit).

With that, our 25-man roster Dueling Banjo count has been cut in half. Who knew that the winner of the Leone/Dobbs competition would turn out to be no one?

Farewell, Greg. We'll never forget your big hit that helped the Mariners win a game that one time.