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Community Projections

Since it seems like a good idea (and one that's been pretty successful at John Sickels' site), I encourage you guys to weigh in on how you think certain players will do next season. Diary entries that've been set up so far:

Kenji Johjima

Jeremy Reed

Yuniesky Betancourt

The idea is to collect a bunch of reader predictions, average them out, and see how they compare with the players' actual performances in 2006. It's not an exact science, but it's still a fun little test, and it's not like there's that much else going on these days anyway (at least as far as the Mariners are concerned).

Ideally we'll have more community projections than just these three, but we still have another 2347823432 months until the season starts, so there's no rush to get them going quite yet.


In quick other news, Masao Kida's going back to Japan, Kyle Farnsworth may end up getting more than $17m from the Yankees, and Tom Gordon signed a lifetime contract with Philadelphia worth $18m, where "lifetime" is understood to mean three years, which is about how long Gordon still has to go before he knocks off to old age.