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Roster News

Jeff Harris cleared waivers and will be sent to Tacoma next year, which is pretty cool, because at this rate there's a chance he'll be one of the top rotation candidates in the organization. Which isn't to say that he's that good, but, well, yeah.

To make room for Carl Everett on the 40-man, Cha Baek was designated for assignment, likely bringing an end to what can only be considered a disappointing career with the Mariners. He should've been better than this, but injuries do funny things to a guy, and I'd say his odds of winding up retired or overseas in a few years are about as good as his odds of ever seeing the Majors again. A good example of why stockpiling young arms is never a bad idea.

Finally, today the Mariners officially brought in what is essentially the third part of that Torrealba/Carvajal trade, acquiring Luis Gonzalez, a soon-to-be 23 year old lefty reliever. His ERA last season belied his peripherals, which show awful command and a strikeout rate that could be better, but he's still left-handed and tough to hit, which should be enough to keep him employed until he's 35. Probably not with Seattle, though, since if he doesn't impress anyone in March, he's going right back to Los Angeles (he was chosen from the Dodgers by the Rockies in the Rule 5 Draft). A harmless addition, but at the same time, probably not a name you need to remember.