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Everett Contract Details

Via Larry Stone:

So much, in fact, that they appear to have given him a virtual two-year contract. Everett signed a one-year, $3.4 million contract Wednesday with a club option for 2007 that includes a $600,000 buyout. But industry sources say the deal vests for 2007 with a very makeable threshold that kicks in the second season.

So the money for 2006 is pretty much exactly what we expected, although the news about the 2007 option is less than encouraging. Even if Everett hits, I don't want him coming back for a second year. I do have my principles.

The next paragraph is worse:

Bavasi now turns his attention back to his search for pitching, which includes Scott Boras clients Kevin Millwood and Jarrod Washburn, as well as Scott Elarton and another intriguing name on their radar, Sidney Ponson.

We've got a good pitcher, a bad one, a worse one, and a guy who's currently in a Baltimore jail. Pray for Millwood. Everyone else is just a bigger waste of resources than Everett.

The last thing I want to mention:

"A lot of these guys know me, they know my style," he said at his introductory news conference at Safeco Field. "I'm going to be in the mix. I'm going to be in there. ... When you slack, when you lack, and when you don't come to the park every day to play, someone needs to tell you. I don't have any fear in that. ... I don't care who it is, if something needs to be said, I'll say it."

Isn't that what managers are for? Where's Hargrove in all this? Does his apparently inadequacy in the clubhouse really make it necessary to spend $4m on an obstinate motivational speaker?

Last night I had a dream that Carl Everett hit 50 home runs for the Mariners, and grabbed his crotch at home plate after each one. I'm not really sure what to make of that, except that the absence of Eliza Dushku was rather stunning and peculiar. But that's neither here not there.