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Kevin Millwood: WTF Edition

I was doing a little image searching when I stumbled upon the following picture from USA Today:

That is one hell of a bizarre delivery. For the sake of comparison, compare that picture to one of Mark Prior, who's generally thought to have real solid, fluid mechanics (MSNBC):

Problems with Millwood (in no particular order):

  • Upper body leaning gloveside, forcing head off driveline to plate

  • Lead glove out in front of knee

  • Arm incredibly straight, stressing ligaments

  • Back foot up well before release, forcing Millwood to generate more energy from his arm and shoulder to compensate for not really pushing off the rubber

  • Front leg well short of 90 degrees; it's almost straight, forcing Millwood's shoulder up and altering his release point

It's not just with this one picture, either - having gone over a few Millwood video clips on the archives, this is his consistent delivery. In the words of Will Carroll when discussing Brett Myers: "He's sure pitching well for someone as messed up as this picture looks."