Stop pointlessly bashing the M's farm system

One thing I can't stand is when people bash the M's farm system. They look at the current crop of minor leaguers and use it to promote the idea that our farm system is crap, but how quickly we forget the 3 position players, one Ace starter and dominant bullpen it produced for us just last year. Lopez, Reed and Betancourt are players who could be starting on a number of teams and Felix is well Felix.
Sure, after cashing in so much young talent the cupboard may look a little dry, but how many teams heading into 2006 will have the kind of young talent on the field we will? Players like the above mentioned allow us to sign stars like Beltre, Sexson and hopefully Burnett because they cost us next to nothing.
I remember shuddering when I heard of the appointment of Bavasi, but at the moment this franchise would seem to be heading in the right direction. Perhaps a little credit is due.