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How To Make Something Out Of Nothing

Also known as "How To Be An Offseason Sportswriter." Today, Jon Paul Morosi spins the wheel:

So, Seattle officials may devote more time to preliminary trade talks with other clubs. Two free agents the Mariners coveted last season -- Yankees right-hander Carl Pavano and Marlins first baseman Carlos Delgado -- could be available. Both are signed through the 2008 season, and would address the team's lingering needs: a young starter and left-handed power.

Let's follow the line of reasoning, here:

  1. The Mariners might be looking to trade
  2. The Mariners might be interested in trading for some guys they wanted a year ago
  3. Some of the guys they wanted a year ago might be available
When nothing else is happening, sometimes you have to make up your own news. We've seen Bob Finnigan do this every year with his Griffey articles, and now he's got Morosi joining the charge. The upside for a writer? Twofold - one, it gets your column out of the way, and two, people always eat this stuff up. I'm telling you, in early November, nobody's got it easier than these guys.