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Aaaaaaaaaand Konerko Re-Signs

Thanks to reader jtopps for the link:

First baseman Paul Konerko and the White Sox agreed to a five-year, $60 million deal on Wednesday.
So on Wednesday morning, Konerko agreed to return to the White Sox. The deal includes a limited no-trade clause. It's believed that figure was slightly lower than the offer made by the Angels this week.

It's an offseason full of good players getting great-player contracts.

This is the same problem we've seen time and time again with overinflated markets - while the pay scale for the best players has remained fairly consistent, it's the B- and C-grade guys who are getting overpaid, both in money and years. Perhaps it's just teams compensating for a lack of available talent, but whatever it is, I'd like the Mariners to stay as far away as possible until things settle down.