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The Market

God help us all.

On the same day, we've had news break that:

Yes, this is a good year to be a free agent - especially if you're a reliever, apparently. Farnsworth was a hell of a pitcher last season, but he's still a guy with flyball tendencies, suspect control, and no more Leo Mazzone to guide him along (his 6.8% walk rate in Atlanta was the lowest of his career, by a fair margin). He's going to be good in New York, his high strikeout rate probably being enough to make him one of the better setup men in the league, but he wouldn't have made this kind of money a year ago.

That said, he's probably the best bet of the four players above to actually earn his full contract, since he'll be throwing a lot of important eighth innings for a perennial contender (he was worth about 4.3 wins above replacement in 2005). Nunez sucks, that's too much for Jones, and that's way too much for Giles.

With the rumors surrounding the Raffy Furcal negotiations, I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that a lot of teams are going to look back on this offseason with regret down the road. It's a thin market that's being compensated like a full one, and while it may seem okay in the short-term, this is how bad contracts happen.

Kenji Johjima, I already love you.