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Mariners on the Market

A list of players whose names are probably being bandied about in trade discussions, along with a brief explanation of why:

Yorvit Torrealba: Blocked by Johjima, deserves a shot to start somewhere else. Not much better than Corky Miller, although ability to speak Spanish might force Bavasi to keep him around.

Gil Meche: Sucks. In line to get a raise in arbitration. Needs to become somebody else's problem.

Ryan Franklin: Sucks. In line to get a raise in arbitration. Needs to become somebody else's problem.

Joel Pineiro: Ugly 2005 makes Joel's 2006 price tag look pretty bad. Unlikely to be moved, though, since that'd only open up another hole in the rotation.

Julio Mateo: Durable middle reliever coming off a shiny ERA in a bunch of innings. Both highly desirable and easily replaceable, what with Scott Atchison hanging around.

JJ Putz: Righty-killer with closing experience and groundball tendencies. Became redundant upon return of healthy Soriano. Less likely than Mateo to be moved.

Adam Jones: Blocked by Jeremy Reed in center for a long time, although the team will probably want to see if Reed starts hitting before trading away his replacement. Athleticism and offensive development may make him appear more valuable to certain teams, although Seattle is probably one of them.

Shin-soo Choo: Corner outfielder who's running out of time to show consistent power stroke. Strong walk rate unlikely to translate well to Majors until he starts hitting. Probably a 4th OF long-term, but another team might offer up something of value to give him a shot somewhere else.

Bobby Livingston: Finesse southpaw who channels enough Andy van Hekken and Jeriome Robertson to make me wary. He's still very young, and has as good a reputation as a guy with his stuff can have (smart, crafty, knows how to pitch, etc.), but the organization has seen these types flame out time and time again, so they may want to move Livingston while his star is still burning bright.

Mike Morse: The glove of a DH with the bat of a middle infielder. Even though he's been practicing in the outfield, he doesn't really fit anywhere in the organization. Won't be the centerpiece to any trade, but could be a #2, as his .349 rookie OBP will earn him another chance somewhere else.

Asdrubal Cabrera: Flashy shortstop with an improving bat who would have a lot of value to a team that didn't have Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt locked up for the next half-decade. Not an A-list prospect, but certainly a guy who could help bring in a good starting pitcher from a rebuilding team.

There are some other guys who could be moved in the right deal (like, say, Nageotte or Ibanez), along with dozens of lesser-known players through the minors who could act as throw-ins or spare parts, but the names listed above will be the ones that get moved in a bigger trade. What kind of improvement the Mariners will be able to make on the trade market this winter will depend on how much youth they're willing to sacrifice and/or how much money they're willing to eat, but for the first time in quite a while, with a lot of young talent already on the Major League roster, it looks like they're in pretty good position to do both.