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Johjima a Mariner

Or so thinks the Seattle Times. The Times believes an announcement could come today:

Scoring the first big-name free-agent signing of the offseason, the Mariners will announce the signing of catcher Kenji Johjima, possibly as soon as today.

Should be interesting to see what the terms of the deal will be. With the Mariners reportedly bumping their offer to about $6m per a few days ago, it wouldn't be surprising to see a 2yr/$12-13m with some kind of mutual third year option for a bit more.

Jeff's update: via David Pinto, we learn this neat little throwaway tidbit:

(Johjima) would join J.J. Trujillo as the only players with three Js in their baseball names.

Update #2: Jim Street cites the Times in saying that the two sides have agreed to a contract worth something in the neighborhood of $15m/3yr. Once it's made official, Yorvit Torrealba will be sent to Colorado, most likely for a minor leaguer.

Update #3: Ken Rosenthal reports it's a three year $16.5 million deal, possibly $19 over three with incentives.