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Things We Know About Eddie

  1. He has a trick shoulder
  2. Said shoulder could totally explode at any time
  3. Said shoulder never gave out last season, despite several prophecies of doom and destruction
  4. Even with the injury, he is a very good pitcher, worth roughly three wins over a replacement-level arm
  5. .268 BABIP in 2005 looks like a fluke
  6. .278 career BABIP makes it seem less flukish
  7. Loves Seattle, fiery attitude, good in the clubhouse, yada yada yada
  8. Isn't the best pitcher in the bullpen, leaving higher-leverage innings for guys like Soriano and Sherrill
While I would've preferred to spend the $6.25m elsewhere, this isn't that bad of a decision. Eddie's a good pitcher, and the better the bullpen is, the fewer innings Hargrove has to squeeze out of the rotation.  Complaining about Guardado's return is unwarranted; this isn't the move that'll make or break the offseason.