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More on the Johjima Pursuit

From the Times:

The Mariners apparently have won the U.S. bidding for Kenji Johjima, the free-agent catcher from Japan.

However, while Johjima is thought to be close to an agreement with Seattle, the 29-year-old seven-time Gold Glover could still opt to remain with his Japanese team, the Fukuoka Soft-Bank Hawks.

In its bid to keep its stream of Japanese talent flowing, the Mariners recently bumped their offer on a contract of two years guaranteed, and a club option for a third season.

The Mariners are believed to have increased their most recent offer to about $6 million a year in a contract that could include incentives. Last week, they offered Johjima about $4 million a year for two years.

Annual contract value of some other top catchers:

Posada: ~$10m
Varitek: $10m
Rodriguez: $10m
Lopez: $7.67m

Given that Hernandez and Molina will probably sign for comparable money, Johjima's a little less of a bargain at $6m/year (+incentives), but that still strikes me as a good deal.