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40-man Moves

Players added:

Bobby Livingston
Emiliano Fruto
Cesar Jimenez
Renee Cortez
TJ Bohn
Oswaldo Navarro

Players dumped:


I have absolutely no idea why Asdrubal Cabrera is being left off. By all reports, he already plays ML-caliber defense at short, and he more than held his own as a 19 year old in his first exposure to high-A. Unless I'm missing something, and he's not eligible for Rule 5 selection for whatever reason, then he's a strong candidate to get picked real early.

Update: Nevermind. According to Dave, Cabrera didn't need to be protected after all. Minor disaster averted.

Update #2: J, who rules, and who also knows a ton more about the minor league system than I ever will, has posted his writeup on the whole thing. Go give that a read.