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A-Rod beat out David Ortiz and a host of other pretty awesome players to win his second MVP award in three years.

I've compared the two players' respective qualifications so many times in so many places that I don't really feel like getting back into it again, so here's the short of it:

  1. Avid BP readers will support the selection
  2. Most casual fans will oppose the selection
  3. Alex Rodriguez was a better hitter this year than David Ortiz
  4. Alex Rodriguez contributed something defensively, while David Ortiz did not
  5. Combined, these two factors outweight Ortiz's "clutch" advantage (which really did exist)
  6. The BBWAA actually appears to have gone against public sentiment on this one, which I didn't expect
I like the choice, although really, I wouldn't have been too upset had they given it to Ortiz.

Richie Sexson finished 15th, with seven points.