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Bryan Price

Yesterday we said goodbye to the regular season; today we say goodbye to the pitching coach.

No longer will the "Cal" script logo be chalked on the massage board in the Mariners' clubhouse: Bryan Price has resigned.

Sources say Price, proud of his years at the University of California before his life in pro ball, has decided to end his 19-year association with the Seattle club, which culminated with six years as the major-league club's pitching coach.

Brian Price did a lot of good things in Seattle, most notably during the later years of Lou Piniella's reign. He also took a lot of criticism over the past few seasons as a number of young pitchers under his watch either got hurt or underperformed. Whether this was actually Price's fault or not, we'll never know, but for those of you who've been calling for Rafael Chaves to get an opportunity, it looks like he'll have as good a chance of anyone of stepping in as the successor.

And the offseason is underway.