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Paul DePodesta

By the looks of things, he's done for:

On the heels of a fourth-place finish and in the midst of a managerial search, the Dodgers are expected to fire General Manager Paul DePodesta, perhaps as early as this weekend, highly placed sources in the organization said Friday.

Barring a change of heart by Frank McCourt, all that is left is for the Dodger owner to meet with DePodesta and make an announcement. DePodesta did not speak with McCourt as of late Friday, although the owner and his wife, team President Jamie McCourt, were in their offices into the early evening.

Major Players Who Departed:

Adrian Beltre: .255/.303/.413
Steve Finley: .222/.271/.374
Alex Cora: .232/.271/.332
Shawn Green: .286/.355/.477
Paul LoDuca: .283/.334/.380

Major Players Brought In/Retained:

Jeff Kent: .289/.377/.512
JD Drew: .286/.412/.520
Hee Choi: .253/.336/.453
Derek Lowe: 3.61 ERA, 222 IP
Odalis Perez: 4.56 ERA, 108.2 IP

Say what you will about DePodesta's 04/05 offseason, but at least as far as last season is concerned, it worked out pretty well. It's not his fault that Milton Bradley, Eric Gagne, JD Drew, Odalis Perez, and Cesar Izturis all missed a ton of games due to injuries.

But hey, at least Bill Plaschke will be happy.