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(Interview here)


  1. Has a very good reputation within the organization
  2. Encouraging attitude, gets along great with his pitchers
  3. Has experience with several potential 2006 Mariner pitchers, including Felix Hernandez, Rafael Soriano, Clint Nageotte, Julio Mateo, Gil Meche, Matt Thornton, Joel Pineiro, JJ Putz, Scott Atchison, Jeff Harris, and George Sherrill
  4. The longer pitchers spend under Chaves, the more they seem to improve
  5. Has had success teaching a sinking fastball in Tacoma
  6. Has squeezed varying degrees of effectiveness out of unknowns or journeymen like Bobby Madritsch, Jorge Campillo, Jeff Harris, George Sherrill, Randy Williams, Sean Green, and Damian Moss
  1. Looks to be no less a part of the Mariners' injury problems than Bryan Price
  2. Has overseen the failed development of a handful of good to great prospects
  3. Had problems improving Felix Hernandez's control in Tacoma
  4. Zero experience at the Major League level
  5. Wasn't entrusted with the task of fixing Joel Pineiro or Gil Meche when they were "demoted"
Feel free to add in any that I may have missed.