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World Series, Game 2

(What is this?)

Top Five Most Important Plays:

  1. Konerko grand slam, 57.3%
  2. Podsednik walk-off, 40.8%
  3. Vizcaino single, 30.6%
  4. Berkman double, 22.7%
  5. Crede single, 12.2%
Top Five Most Important Players:
  1. Qualls, -57.3%
  2. Konerko, +49.2%
  3. Jenks, -37.2%
  4. Lidge, -34.7%
  5. Vizcaino, +34.5%
It's only been two days, but this is already the most exciting World Series I can remember. Each game has come right down to the end, complete with incredible momentum swings and unlikely heroes. When Phil Garner sent Jose Vizcafreakin'ino up to the plate with two outs in the ninth last night (quite possibly the worst of his available options), I wondered what in the hell he was thinking, but we saw what happened - Garner was vindicated by an awful player and let down by one of his best. These are the kinds of things that make short series impossible to predict and individual games so fun to watch, because we really don't know what's going to happen. Brad Ausmus is batting .304 in the postseason. Willy Taveras has three extra-base hits in two days. Brad Lidge coughed up a walk-off homer to Scott Podsednik, who has two homers in October after hitting zero in the regular season. What? Yeah.

I love playoff baseball.