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M's Blogosphere Awards

Because all the hard work that goes into writing about this team deserves to be recognized.

Note: LL is ineligible.

Most Valuable: USS Mariner
Most Underrated part 1: Seattle Marinerds
Most Underrated, part 2: Nice Guys Finish Third
Most Seemingly Enthusiastic: Mariner Morsels
Most Inspirational: Mariner Optimist (looks to be dead)
Most Bombed by Legions of Crazyass Commenters: PI Blog
Most Unknown: Mariner Housewife
Most Belligerently Hopeful: Mariners Revolution
Most Consistent (during the season): Sports & Bremertonians
Most Frightening Logo: Trident Fever
Most Valuable in a Niche Role: Mariner Minors
Most Deserving of an Awardless Mention: Caffeinated Confines

Here's to a more enjoyable 2006.