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The Search for the Next Pitching Coach

There is a new name to add to the list of possibilities for the vacant pitching coach job and a name to scratch off. Mel Stottlemyre, an Issaquah native, is apparently on his way out in New York and isn't ready to call it career. Stottlemyre, who has served as the pitching coach of the Yankees for the past 10 seasons, is confident that this was his last year in New York and is sounds like he is ready to move on. "I'm not giving you anything that's 100 percent until after the season, when I have time to really think about it," Stottlemyre said in an article in today's Newsday. "There are some options out there."

One name who is being scratched off is Mark Wiley, who has told Seattle officials, thanks, but no thanks. Wiley would like to stay closer to his Florida home, where he would be closer to his family. Long thought to be the favorite for the job, the M's have to turn their attention to other possibilities.

Jim Colborn is thought to be at the top of their now shortened list. The former Pacific Rim scout served under Jim Tracy in Los Angeles for the past couple seasons and was let go after Jim Tracy stepped down.

Corey Brock has a list of the possible candidates for both the pitching and hitting coach positions in today's News Tribune, minus Mel Stottlemyer.