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As several people have pointed out in the past month or two, LeoneForThird needed a name change. So, with the help of Blez and many others, we did those people one better - we got a whole new site. We realize that it's inconvenient to completely change gears again for the second time since November, but we promise that this will be the last major change. So, if you would, please update your bookmarks and favorites.

You'll notice that there are three italicized links in the "Other Baseball Blogs" section. They are:

Athletics Nation
McCovey Chronicles
Red Reporter

You'll also notice that all these sites have a similar layout. What you're seeing is the birth of a new community of interactive sports websites, of which the four of us are pilot members. Of course, the community doesn't really change anything - layout aside, the content will remain the same.

The main thing I want to draw your attention to is a little link in the upper right - "Diaries." I think you'll come to love these. A diary is a place for you (that is, any reader) to post his or her thoughts on a certain topic and gather reader responses. Think of them as threads on a message board. This way, the site isn't all about reading what Trent and I have to say. Again, I need to direct your attention to Athletics Nation as an example - go give it a look and see what some of the diaries look like.

If there's something you want to talk about, or a question you want to ask, post a diary entry! You don't need to sit and wait around for one of us to get to the topic. And hey, if we really like a reader-submitted diary entry, we'll move it to the main page so that everyone can see it.

The only thing that stands between you, the reader, and posting a diary or comment is registration. If you haven't already guessed, the purpose is to prevent spammers from bombing the site. The one-time process is quick and painless; enter your desired username and password, and click the confirmation link that gets sent to your email.

Something new to the site will be open threads - places for you to write about pretty much anything that doesn't justify its own diary entry. There will be open threads from time to time during the offseason, along with every gameday - for readers who are watching or listening to the game to chat about play-by-play action with other readers. Completely informal. Just, y'know, keep it respectable.

I'm sure there are a million other things to mention, but I can't think of them right now. So, welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy the new site name and design, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused by moving the site. We appreciate any feedback or criticism of Lookout Landing; leave those remarks as comments underneath this post (or, if you want, as a diary!).

Site archives are available at the old addresses, located in the right-hand menu.