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Seattle Mariners Photos of the Week: Sept 19 - Sept 25

Lots of games means lots of photos.

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Mariners Lose the Game While We Collectively Lose Our Minds

Congrats to whoever bet the over. Jerks.

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83-69: Chart

Feat. tweets from Shannon Drayer, Lydia Cruz, John Trupin, and yours truly.

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9/25/22: Panic Thread The Second

U-G-L-Y, M’s don’t got no alibi, this is ugly.

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Come watch the Mariners with us Saturday, September 24 at Growler Guys

We had so much fun we’re doing it again!

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9/25/22: Panic Thread

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The Latest

Seattle Mariners Minors

Remembering Tim Cantu

We love you. We miss you.

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Come mess around in photoshop with us

You probably can't stop thinking about the Mariners anyway, so why not do something productive (ok, productive-adjacent) with it?

9/25/2022: Open Game Thread

Mariners Game Preview, 9/25/22: #152, SEA @ KCR

Who will be the wiener at the end of the game?

Seattle Mariners Social Media Spotlight: Jersey Polls, Farm Animals, 700 Dingers

This week in social media-ing.

Contranymic Mariners defeat Royals 6-5

Mariners wind up the bench bats, wind up winning

83-68: Chart

"J.P." chants in KC

9/24/22: Thread The Third

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

9/24/22: Open Game Thread con’t

Pre-brawl thread

Mariners Game Preview, 9/24/2022: #150, SEA @ KCR

it’s a long, long time since my baby’s been gone

Mariners and Luis Castillo agree to 5-year, $108 million extension with sixth-year option

The M’s get their ace.

Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/24/22: Julio Rodríguez, Albert Pujols, and Andrew McCutchen

Yesterday was a big day for milestones — just not the one everyone thought we’d get.

Royals ride wave of young studs, Mariners show up as a bunch of duds, lose 5-1

Truly one of the most unwatchable games of the season

82-68: Chart

Holding out for a hero/where have all the cowboys gone

9/23/22: Game Thread II

Mariners Game Preview, 9/23/22: #149, SEA at KC [Updated with Julio injury news]

The Mariners begin the final leg of their final road trip of 2022

The Crow's Nest: Stuck in the shallows, aka your current Mariners playoff odds

What the numbers currently say about the Mariners’ playoff odds, even if your heart says otherwise

FanPost Friday: 13 games left vibe check

It’s getting darker earlier already, but the Mariners are raging against the dying of the light

Heavy Heads: Mariners at Royals Series Preview

The Mariners head to Kansas City for their final road series of the regular season.

About Last Night: Return of the Jarredi

Jarred Kelenic’s return to the Mariners becomes showcase of fully armed and operational battle station

Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/23/22: Jarred Kelenic, Taylor Dollard, and Stephen Vogt

Attempting to keep our spirits high while we await the Julio news.

Mariners engage Highlander protocol, lose Julio, regain Jarred, win 9-5

A mixed bag but a win is a win, and hopefully a new beginning that sticks for Jarred Kelenic.

82-67: Chart

>.500 flags fly forever

9/22/22: Open Game Thread Four

9/22/22: Open Game Thread Three

9/22/22: Open Game Thread Two

9/22/22: Open Game Thread

No whammies.

One play, and Jesse Winker’s season

A blunder in the corner last night highlighted a yearlong struggle for the former All-Star.

Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/22/22: Corbin Carroll, Dayton Moore, and Ezequiel Tovar

Some news from around baseball as the season winds down.

Mariners run it back, trip out of gate, fall 2-1

did someone replace the gatorade keg with chamomile tea?

81-67: Chart

that was decidedly not a palate cleanser