Word Learnin'



Wow, we haven't had one of these in a long time! Not because I've been deliberately phasing them out - more because either the words haven't been good enough, or I haven't had time enough. These...



In today's edition of Word Learnin', I'm going to try a little trick. As I'm writing this post, the Mariners' game is well underway. However, I don't want this post to go on top of the game thread,...



We all see the world from our own self-centered perspectives. That is among our strengths; that is among our flaws. From where I sit, this is an extremely slow, dull Thursday. Has been all along....



There are blog posts and emails that I find fun to write, and there are blog posts and emails that I do not find fun to write. Sometimes it has to do with my mood, and sometimes it has to do with...



Here we have a Word Learnin' word that looks like "Bother" without a portion of the B. You might ask, are the two words related to one another? No, why would they be? B and P are completely...



With baseball games every Saturday and every Sunday, most of the time I don't really get a true weekend. But I don't do Word Learnin' posts on the weekend, so come Monday it's like, oh right, back...



For some reason it just occurred to me that the shorter these posts are, the more Word Learnin' will be done. Why have I been writing intros this whole time? Why am I writing this intro right now?...



Better hurry to get this up before the game thread! Late last week, I skipped over writing about "adenoidal" because I didn't have time. That was a shame, because I like the word "adenoidal" and...



Remember when our word of the day was "cumshaw"? That was great fun, for reasons immature. Today's word of the day is "fard", and this will also be great fun, for reasons immature. "Fard" can...



And today we feature a word I'm kind of surprised I don't read in baseball articles more often, given what it means. Although I don't actually read all that many baseball articles. I don't actually...




Every Friday afternoon is like this. Every single one of them. It's a regular, productive day, then it hits two or two-thirty, and everything shuts down. My brain shuts down. My body shuts down,...

Bona Fides


Hello, and welcome to the latest installment of Word Learnin', the only regular series on a baseball blog that I know of that invites the reader, and the author, to do some word learnin'. There are...



I'm typing up this post during commercial breaks in a playoff hockey game, so apologies in advance if it reads really disjointed. Our kitchen tile is dirty. Look at the sun outside for the first...



Somebody mentioned in the comments below the previous post in this series that he really doesn't enjoy this series of posts. I'm not here to make an example of that person because I already forgot...



This might be the Lookout Landing debut of the letter c with the little squiggle underneath it. It has a name, and the name isn't "the letter c with the little squiggle underneath it", but I don't...



There's a player on the Detroit Red Wings whose name is Justin Abdelkader. Don't worry, this isn't going to be a hockey post, so shut up and don't worry and shut up because hockey is awesome anyway...



And here we feature a delicious word, right around dinner time. One of my favorite things about living in Portland is being surrounded by places that offer macaroni and cheese for adults. I kind of...



Something that frequently seems like a good, fun idea is trying to conduct an entire extended conversation or monologue in old-timey language. The trouble is that, for the overwhelming majority of...



Just the other day, during a baseball game, I had to explain to Ms. Jeff the difference between Lucas Luetge and Josh Lueke. Also, just the other day, as part of this series, we featured the word...



Every so often, I'll skip over a word because I think it's already too familiar. For example, if tomorrow's word were "bucket", I would skip over writing a post about "bucket", because we're...



It's weird sitting here, electronically observing all these baseball fans getting excited about the return of the regular season. It feels like ages ago that the regular season returned for us. All...



(Don't miss the Tacoma Rainiers season opener game thread posted below.) *** You might've thought that our word-of-the-day series would get lost in the mix during Major League Baseball's third of...



We're back for another episode in this series because the sooner we churn out another episode, the sooner we can put the whole zeitgeber thing behind us. That was a nightmare. I spent ten minutes...



I skipped yesterday's word in this series because yesterday's word was "grouse". I think people are already pretty familiar with the meaning of the word "grouse". It's not an unfamiliar word. It...



Okay, this isn't fair. The one time - the one time - I need Dictionary.com to throw me a gimme, it gets all Aristotelian. I've mentioned before that I have a chemistry degree. This gives me certain...



When I first started this series, I kind of forgot that there would be baseball games. I think a lot of us kind of forgot that there would be baseball games. The offseason has this way of sucking...

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