Seattle Mariners Stats

Kyle Seager should be an All-Star


Kyle Seager is one of the very best third basemen in baseball, and he's had a terrific first half. He deserves to be in the All-Star Game.

Getting back on the Bradwagon


Brad Miller has been very good for almost a month now. He might not be a superstar, but it's time to stop blaming him for the Mariners' position player problems.

Dominic Leone's dirty little secret


Two months into the season, the Mariners' most successful reliever has been one Dominic Leone. There's reason to be suspicious.

James Jones, Michael Saunders, and Lead-off Magic


Since Abraham Almonte's demotion, the Mariners' #1 hitters have been awesome. Awesome in unexpected ways.

Mike Zunino, First-Quarter Superstar


A thing you might know: so far this year, Mike Zunino has been quite good. A thing you might not know: so far this year, Mike Zunino has been playing like a legitimate superstar.

King Felix changes it up


One of my favorite things about King Felix is that he's constantly improving. And when I say constantly, I mean "right now".

Introducing Dominic Leone


Some time soon, Dominic Leone is going to make his major-league debut. Here's what you need to know.

The problem with Corey Hart


In which it takes almost four months to figure out that there might be a downside to this whole Corey Hart thing.

The confusing thing about John Buck


The Mariners have reportedly acquired backup catcher John Buck - and by extension a rather befuddling statistics problem.

List of Stupid Things I Said In 2013


I, Logan Davis, said a lot of really stupid things about baseball in 2013. Let's recap!


Justin Smoak: platoon first baseman?


Is Justin Smoak a viable left-handed platoon option at first base, or do the Mariners need to make an upgrade?

A Kyle Seager plate discipline exercise


Or--an attempt to draw a conclusion about Lloyd McClendon that turned into a Kyle Seager observation.

How much is too much for Ellsbury?


A whole bunch of national baseball writers, including Ken Rosenthal and Dave Cameron, seem to think that the Mariners are going to sign Jacoby Ellsbury. What's a fair contract for the Boston center...

List of common (Mariners-related) misconceptions


Sometimes, people who are not me write things about the Mariners with which I do not agree. Let's take a look at a few of those things!

Taijuan Walker, other undefeated Mariners pitchers


Because one start is enough to analyze historical value

Felix Hernandez, the Cy Young, and a fake award


Felix Hernandez is going to make around eight more starts. He's having the best year of his career, but will it be good enough to win the Cy Young? Does he lead the pack for a fake award named...

On Michael Saunders' rebounding offense


Michael Saunders is in the middle of a pretty impressive hot streak. Before Michael Saunders got injured, he was in the middle of a pretty impressive hot streak. How much does the injury have to do...

Musings on James Paxton


After a season of being roundly dismissed and ignored by most Mariners analysts and commentators, James Paxton has reclaimed some of his lost reputation with a recent run of hot starts in Tacoma....

Tom Wilhelmsen Maybe Slightly Less Good Now


The Mariners' closer is striking out fewer dudes than he has in the past. The league may be catching on to his curveball. Don't get too worried, though.

Dave Hansen Deserves A Raise


The Mariners, in the past, were very un-selective and strikeout-prone. Then they hired Dave Hansen to be the hitting coach. So far, the results are freakin' sweet!

Justin Smoak's Strength In Context


Word's going around the blogosphere that Justin Smoak isn't very strong. Well... is he?

Runs and Sequencing


Are the Mariners scoring as often as they "should" be?

Is It Nick Franklin Time?


The Mariners' major league 2B/SS situation is an absolute mess. The Mariners' minor league 2B/SS situation is awesome. Is it time to rectify the imbalance?

The Very Worst Mariner


Michael Saunders is coming back to the Mariners today. This is wonderful news. The question is, who should he replace? The answer is, not the guy he probably will.

Kyle Seager Makes A Change


Kyle Seager is in the midst of an absurd hot streak. Kyle Seager has recently made a significant change to his approach. Hopefully he is not Justin Smoak!

Don't You Give Up On Me


Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, and Jesus Montero are not being real encouraging right now. Here's why you shouldn't jump off their bandwagons.

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