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The Doug Fister trade finally pays off


If the 2011 Doug Fister trade never happened, the Mariners' 2014 signing of Robinson Cano would have topped Dave Cameron's "Worst Transactions of the Off-Season" list. However, Jack Z's trade savvy has once again paid off. Without the Fister deal to Detroit, there would have been no Fister deal to Washington, which took the top spot on Cameron's list. It is this kind of dealing for the future that has helped Z solidify his job as the team's GM and which should keep him in Seattle's good graces for years to come.


Who's the real postseason puppetmaster?

So there's a post at SBNation suggesting that Edwin Jackson is the wizard behind the post-season curtain, his very existence (or at least his employment) determining the playoff fates of the Y...

Interview with Pedro Grifol: Director of Minor League Operations


Courtesy of Rick Randall of Seattle Clubhouse (scout.com). Good stuff!

Mariners knew about Josh Leuke's past?


Bored with the Mariners. Good news! Geoff Baker has an article for you. Mariners says they didn't know about Leuke's past. Rick Adair say he actually informed Zduriencik ahead of time before the deal was completed. Rangers GM Jon Daniels comments on his side of the story. Chuck Armstrong demanded a substitute for Josh Leuke. Zduriencik has implemented google search policy in wake of this issue. Josh Leuke just wants to move on. Controversy!


Why our Front Office is awesome: Tony Blengino

This would be a nice headline for a series.  Unfortunately, all I'm here to do is point out an interview that Larry Stone conducted with Tony Blengino several weeks ago that he's just now springing...

Yet another Jack Zduriencik article!


Can't get enough of Jack Zduriencik? Here's another article, this time from Jim Street (Pravda). ----------------------------- So much improvement has been made in such a short time in fact, that "In Jack We Trust" has become a popular slogan in the Northwest. "It's flattering, but I blush when I hear that," Zduriencik said. "This is not about me. I am the front guy in the baseball department, the guider of the ship, if you will. But this is a team effort, from ownership on down." -----------------------------

Jack Zduriencik is on a motherfucking boat!


Jack Zduriencik is on a motherfucking boat!

Yahoo! Epically Fails Zduriencik's name


Beltre featured as well, although not praised as highly as Z... and not acknowledged for being an asset even though he never came close to the 48 homers he hit in his last year with LA. "They won't miss Beltre in the Pacific Northwest..." Gordon Edes can suck it! I don't know why i'm bothering with this really, since any of the lowest level of baseball scribe would have added Zduriencik to their spellchecker a long damn time ago.


Larry Stone's getting good content from some MLB General Managers

I posted this in the Mariners/Rays preview thread but I feel it deserves it's own fanpost.  Lots of good stuff from Larry Stone as of late.  If Geoff Baker has the coverage of the Mariners daily...

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