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Don't Blame Me, I'm Voting For Kontos: The Yankees' In-House Relief Options


The Yankees can do better for their bullpen than Lance Pendleton and Amauri Sanit. (AP) When Joba Chamberlain hit the disabled list on...

Hi-Yo, Silva!


Send us back Da Vinci then we don't have to ponder The maddening smile of "La Giaconda" The critics say Nijinsky, the dancer, of course While the punters would probably prefer the horse You'll find...

No Thanks!


What else ya got? With two weeks to go until opening day, the Yankees' back-rotation picture hasn't quite come into focus yet, but the four...

Fangraphs: What The Cubs Must Do


I like how this author has the balls to suggest that the Cubs trade Carlos Marmol. It's an awesome idea, only if the Cubs are able to get a huge prospect in return. "Like Carlos Zambrano, I have reached my boiling point with the Cubs organization. There have been worse seasons than this one, but rarely has one seemed this disappointing."

You're a bad influence on Felix. Plus you're too fat.


Larry Stone presents: Carlos Silva "In Seattle, people were worried more about my weight than anything else," he said. "Here, people were worried about how to get me back on track. Since I got to spring training, they don't even talk about my weight. They say, 'You've got to do this and this to get you ready for the season.' "In Seattle, the only thing I hear is my weight. 'You're out of shape.' Even when I was on the DL, they say, 'Don't go on the road trip because you're out of shape.' What do you mean, out of shape? I'm not even pitching right now. How do you know if I'm in shape? Stuff like that makes you mad, angry." -------------------------- "There was one thing that made me so crazy in Seattle," he said. "Pretty much they wanted me out of Seattle. It was very clear they were saying I was a bad influence on Felix. "I'd say Felix needs a bad influence, because if I was a bad influence — Felix won 19 games. I don't know how he didn't win the Cy Young. To me, he was the best pitcher and the most consistent pitcher in the whole league last year. And they say I was bad influence?" Asked to specify who "they" was, Silva said, "I don't say names. Some people on the team. That was driving me crazy. If Felix had someone who was always trying to keep him on line, that was me. I feel I was a good influence."

If you vote for any Cub offensively for All-Star game...


In my opinion we should vote for Marlon Byrd. Not only has he been a pleasure to watch with his unselfish attitude and leadership.. he has been a our best hitter. Even though WAR shouldn't be taken too seriously so far this year, he has been a 3.0 Win Above Replacement, and worth well over his contract value (12 million). He's also been above average defensively.

Carlos Silva strikes out 11 in a game!


Struck out the side in the 3rd!

The Dig: Happy Cinco De Mayo Edition


In The Dig: Happy Cinco de Mayo Edition.You're Best C-USA & UTEP Round-up. James Dickey and Tom Herrion sign their first recruits; Ray Sanchez calls out UTEP spring optimism, and Donnie Jones has...

Why gamblers love to bet against the Mariners when Carlos Silva is starting.


Mariners record with Carlos Silva as the starting pitcher: 2008: 9-19 2009: 3-2 Total: 12-21 The Seattle Times' Geoff Baker couldn't understand why Vegas didn't like his buddy Carlos Silva. Why...

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