Lookout Landing News

Still looking

A year later, we march on.

Lookout Landing ST viewing party at Gastropod

Come eat great food, drink equally great beer, and meet your LL brethren.

And Now For Something Completely Similar

An announcement about the future of Lookout Landing.

Your Lookout Landing Lineup

Now that things have settled down a little bit, and since the season is nearly upon us, it's a good time to formally introduce our new stable of writers.

Farewell, Lookout Landing

For five years I have been writing here on Lookout Landing. That period of my life ends with this post. There are many people to thank, too many to adequately do justice here and I will forget...

Here Goes Nothing

You’ve all been holding your breath waiting to find out what’s going to happen with Lookout Landing following Jeff’s big news. Well, here you go.

Lookout Landed

Announcing some Lookout Landing site news of significance.

When do you read?

In order to best serve you and us, perhaps you can help us out a bit. I'm curious when/how often y'all check Lookout Landing. Specifically, I'm wondering about what brings you to Lookout Landing...

New Logo

Hello friends. On countless occasions through Lookout Landing history, people have asked if we might consider changing the site logo, or they've outright demanded that we change the site logo, as...

Site Note

That game recap below is the last thing I'll be writing for a little while, as tomorrow morning we go away for a week. It's not the best time for a trip, but we didn't choose the timing of this...


On Game Threading

Last year there were exactly 3,000 comments in the Opening Day game threads for a game that began at the normal 7pm time. This year's game began at 3am local time and lasted almost until sunrise....

FAQ: Following Mariner Games

FAQ: Following Mariner Games

Series Preview Feedback Take 2012

It's not a tipping point or anything actually substantial or possessing of meaning, but one way that the encroaching Mariners season has made its approach noticeable to me is that I have to start...

Spring Cleaning Lookout Landing's Posting Guidelines

As Lookout Landing has grown, so have our standards and guidelines and they have spawned separate posts as issues have flared up. Those posts get added to our membership agreement and each time it...

Series Preview Feedback Take 2011

Another year of baseball and another year of series previews. It surprises me this will be the fourth season of them. Based on the previous three seasons, the Mariners will finish 85-77 this season...

LL Mod Response to Feedback Thread

This is our response to the feedback thread a week or so back. Though both Jeff and I attempted to address the issues in the thread as they were raised, we wanted to have a separate post detailing...

Community Feedback on Our Rules and Policies

What a slow day. Back from the long weekend, with winterful weather abound and little to no news substance to digest, today is dragging along. So it seems a perfect time to get some community...

Event Feedback Thread

Event Feedback Thread

On the Game Threads

We have a problem in the game threads right now. Comments move too fast and there is too much bickering. When a game thread is going bad, people get cranky and that can cause them to harp on minor...

A Quick Illustration Why We Require Subject Lines

Note: this post is written more for the benefit of visitors and will be used as a reference. Regular LL contributors do a fantastic job complying with the rule. Back on January 1, I wrote a post c...

Helping Us Help You

Welcome to 2010, everyone. Gone to the gym yet? Are you having trouble coming up with some more resolutions to pay attention to for a week and then disregard? If so, boy are you lucky to have...

Heads Up

Tomorrow morning they're going to go forward with an update to the blog layout. I know people hate change and everything, but all things considered it's pretty minor, and besides, I think the new...

A Public Service Announcement

Pursuant to our awareness that the membership agreement/community guidelines do not always appear as prominently as we would like when new users from outside SBN join Lookout Landing, I have added...

Cool New Thing

SB Nation and the AP have reached an agreement that lets us utilize their game photos automatically in stories. This will allow us to add a little more visual pizazz to game recaps or basically any...

A Public Service Announcement

No politics. Seriously, none. No getting around the rule by referring to it and covering your ass with [zomg politics!] either. No statements, however balanced and fair you may think they are,...

Apologies For The Inconvenience

Update: the restoration process from the backups is ongoing but unlikely to be completed tonight. My Google account was hacked around 5pm this afternoon, giving someone access to my LL account and...

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