Seattle Mariners Previews

Q&A: Rangers Series Preview

This is a thing now. We preview the Mariners' four-game set against the Rangers with a Q&A with Adam Morris of Lone Star Ball.

Q & A's: series preview

With the Athletics coming to Seattle for a three-game set, I traded Q's and A's with Athletics Nation writer Alex Hall.

Making sense of the current lineups

Gutierrez is back, and the Mariners plan against LHP is starting to take shape.

A's Series Preview: Doolittle dares you to hit it

The Mariners finish up a tough road trip in Oakland, and I catch up with a previous Q&A with Athletics Nation. Also, Sean Doolittle loves the heat.

Rangers series preview: Yu Darvish, machine

The Mariners head to Texas and face Yu Darvish, who's having a historic season.

Mariners/Rays Series Preview: Wil Myers is good

The Mariners stroll into the Trop, and shrug out a pitching rotation for a series against the AL East's second best team. Wil Myers is a beast, Chris Archer is fortuitous, Erasmo Ramirez isn't fixed but there's hope.

Brewers series preview: Carlos Gomez is good

The Brewers travel to Seattle, and the Mariners honor Junior yet again. Carlos Gomez is really good despite his approach, and would the Brewers consider trading Ryan Braun?

Mariners/Blue Jays Series Preview

The Mariners return home to face R.A. Dickey and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Mariners/Orioles Preview: The Weekend After

The Orioles are kind of like the Mariners, only not broken.

Mariners/Red Sox Series Preview

The Mariners face the Red Sox and get to face John Lackey, who's as good as he's ever been.


Mariners/Indians Preview: Focus on Ubaldo Jimenez

The Mariners carry a six game win streak back home, and face Ubaldo Jimenez and his shitty sinker tonight. Why does he throw it so much?

Mariners/Astros Series Preview

Baseball's back!

M's/Angels Preview: Focus on Josh Hamilton

The Angels come into town with almost Mariner but not really Josh Hamilton having a rough year. Here's what we don't know.

M's/Red Sox Series Preview: Focus on Ellsbury

The Mariners return home to play the best team in the universe, but get Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma in two games. Also, discussion of Jon Lester's struggles and Jacoby Ellsbury as a possible free agent target.

Mariners/Reds Preview: Focus on Mike Leake

The Mariners face the Reds this weekend, and I focus on the fascinating career path of Mike Leake. What's caused his 2013 success, and how has his unique career path affected his development?

Mariners/Rangers Series Preview

The Mariners travel to Texas to eat barbeque and argue about the proper method of cooking chili. I mean play baseball.

Mariners/Cubs Series Preview

The Cubs come into town, and the Mariners infield of the future makes its debut.

Mariners vs. Pirates Series Preview

Mariners! Pirates! 2 games, surrounded by off days. I don't even what

Another Mariners/A's Preview, ft. Carney Lansford

Oh look, it's Oakland again.

M's/Angels Preview: The Bonderman Dilemma

A look ahead to the upcoming series against Anaheim, and why it's best Jeremy Bonderman gets knocked around on Tuesday.

Mariners/A's Series Preview Q&A: Athletics Nation

Time for another batch of questions for this series preview, this time with our friends at Athletics Nation.

Preview: MLB Network Discusses M's/Astros

A look at one of the least interesting series of the season, MLB Network previews the Mariners/Astros.

Seattle vs. Minnesota Series Preview

The Mariners start a three game weekend series against the Twins, who do not have Dan Gladden on the field anymore, but do in the booth. Also, either Jeremy Bonderman or a ghost will pitch on Sunday.

Mariners vs/at Padres Series Q&A with Geoff Young

The Nick Franklin era begins as the 2013 schedule continues to confuse. The Mariners play four games against the San Diego Padres, two at home and two on the road. Joining us to discuss the Mariners' bitter rivals is Geoff Young.

Gameday: The Revenge of the Saunders

Joe Saunders will make them all pay, no matter what the cost. he will see his enemies fall before him.

Mariners vs. Rangers Series Q&A

Adam J. Morris of Lone Star Ball discusses Mitch Moreland, Derek Holland and Jurickson Profar.

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