Seattle Mariners Rumors

The M's and Matt Kemp: A disaster, probably


Jeff Passan reports that the Mariners are still into Matt Kemp. It's a horrible idea at just about any realistic cost.

Kendrys Morales a Mariner once again


The Mariners finally get their man (again.) It's totally weird and probably a waste of money.

M's hopelessly dream about Starling Marte


The Mariners covet a right-handed bat on a team-friendly deal and almost certainly won't get him.

The A's want Nick Franklin


The A's want Nick Franklin, and the thought of trading him to Oakland, specifically, is terrifying.

Going all in with David Price and Ben Zobrist


Go big or go home? Going big is more tempting than ever, even with an exorbitant price tag.

Mariners interested in Ben Zobrist


The Mariners are apparently interested in more from the Rays than just David Price.

Trade target: Bartolo Colon


Once again, blogger fawns over overweight strike-throwing comedy artist.

Mariners interested in Marlon Byrd, should be


The Mariners continue to look for a right-handed bat, this time setting their sights on the Phillies right fielder.

Mariners and Rays talking about stuff, probably


The Mariners have their top scouts following the Rays' major leaguers around. The Rays have their top scouts following the Mariners' minor leaguers around. Hmm...

Selling Erasmo


Some teams have interest in Erasmo Ramirez, including the Brewers. His career is at somewhat of a crossroad, and choosing the right path is no easy task.


Trade target: Josh Willingham


Josh Willingham makes a whole lot of sense as an upgrade in the outfield, and he shouldn't cost too much in return.

The Mariners and a pair of Cubs pitchers


Before anything else, a sad farewell to Tony Gwynn, who passed away today. His incredible contact ability and refusal to strike out went overlooked in an era that was dominated by home runs. We may...

Hart's injury likely saves the M's a lot of money


After Corey Hart's injury and Stephen Drew's Boston reunion, people are talking about the Mariners and Kendrys Morales again. The Mariners might say they're out of money, but they likely just saved...

Saying no to Kendrys Morales (still)


Someone once told me time is a flat circle. Everything we've every done or will do, we're going to do over and over and over again.

M's interested in making a bad move, shouldn't be


One of the rumors that made the rounds while I was out of town was a quintessential Mariners rumor - the team looking at yet another right-handed "power bat" with terrible plate patience and minus...

Sending Nick Franklin to (the other) New York


The Mariners are rumored to be scouting David Phelps - hey, wait a minute. While we're coming up with Nick Franklin trade proposals, why not talk about that other team from New York?

Mariners interested in Yankee pitcher David Phelps


The Mariners search for an arm continues, and this time the target is a potentially undervalued swingman.

Rays join in on Nick Franklin fun


Ever since I published the piece on Franklin and the Mets, things have started moving quickly. Jon Heyman reports that the Rays are (and have been) in on Nick Franklin, and that's a surprise to...

The Mets, Nick Franklin, and trade targets


Adam Rubin reports that the Mets are interested in upgrading shortstop with Nick Franklin. Who could the Mariners ask for in return?

M's sniffing around Chris Capuano


Jon Heyman says the Mariners are looking into Chris Capuano after missing out on Ubaldo Jimenez.

The potential dangers of Ervin Santana


Ervin Santana's contract year ERA looks shiny, but a closer look reveals some major question marks. The M's are reportedly interested, but is it a good idea?

M's "all-in" and still like Nelson Cruz


Bob Nightengale adds more intrigue towards what's to come.

Mariners willing to multiple years on Cruz


The team's very public courtship of Nelson Cruz continues, and something doesn't smell right.

Jack Z opens up on the pitching market


Jack Z detailed the M's stance on remaining pitchers at the Mariners Fan Fest Sunday afternoon

Tanaka price escalating, M's a favorite for Baker


Tanaka isn't coming cheap, the Mariners still enjoy looking at pictures of Nelson Cruz, and Scott Baker may end up in Seattle. There's also a fairly large "football" game today.

Examining potential 40-man roster casualties


The Mariners are set to add John Buck and several other players, which means it's time for some 40-man roster casualties. Who's safe, who's in danger, and who's gone?

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