Safeco Field

Memories of Safeco


What moments in Safeco Field mean the most to you?

Mariners Bringing Top-Quality DH To Safeco Field


Going forward, left field in Safeco Field is going to feature Edgar's, a restaurant celebrating and occasionally featuring Edgar Martinez.

Mariners Splurge on Big Purchase!


Well there goes the gift I was going to get them. Socks it is, I guess.

Mariners Nearing Safeco Field Decision


Pretty soon, the Seattle Mariners will have to decide what they're going to do with Safeco Field. For the 2013 season, I mean.

The Seattle Mariners Will Let You Plug In Your Car


The Seattle Mariners have installed four electric vehicle charging stations next to Safeco Field.

The 'Pen Feedback Thread


I'd been thinking about posting something on this for a while, but wanted to wait until it was deep enough into the season for all the kinks to be worked out. If you have gone to The 'Pen at...

New Food in the Bullpen Market


The Bullpen Market at Safeco Field will be revamped in 2011.

The Safeco Thread, Part 5 (The Seattle Thread)


Originally, there were only going to be four parts to this series, but...Kermit? Sure, Kermit. Kermit suggested a fifth part intended for the out-of-town tourist. When people come by looking for...

The Safeco Thread, Part 4


So, as tempting as the concession stands can be, let's face it - a lot of people don't want to get all their food and drink inside. The stuff is expensive. Most of it is bad for you. The selection...

The Safeco Thread, Part 3


What is a baseball game without a snack and a beer? A baseball game without a snack and a beer is, for one thing, a way cheaper baseball game, but it's also a baseball game of lesser satisfaction....


The Safeco Thread, Part 2


Continuing from yesterday, we move on to our second thread concerning the whole experience of visiting Safeco Field. In this one, we discuss parking and/or getting there. Safeco doesn't really have...

The Safeco Thread, Part 1


A couple days ago we got the latest fanpost from someone asking about attending Safeco Field. We've had a ton of these fanposts before, and the community's always good about answering and giving...

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