Non-Mariners Game Threads

2014 MLB All-Star Game Thread


Some good players in the American League "host" some good players from the National League. Oh yeah, Felix is starting also.

Home Run Derby open thread


Bats, baseballs, Chris Berman. New format. Again.

7/12: Open Game Thread Part 2


Pleasant baseball is pleasant.

MLB draft day three: open thread


Discussion for the final day in the MLB draft.

MLB Draft day one open thread


The MLB Draft begins at 4 p.m. PST on MLB Network and live streaming on

Super Bowl open thread


This is a baseball site. But sometimes there's an event so big that it merits a little crossover. I'm not even going to try and compete with Field Gulls, but I do realize that some of you are more...

Day one winter meetings open thread


I've gotten a few requests for an open thread to discuss the winter meetings, so here it is. There's plenty of rumors flying around, so feel free to post and discuss them all here.

World Series game 6: Open thread


Michael Wacha vs. Jon Lester

World Series game 5: Open thread


Jon Lester vs. Adam Wainwright

World Series game 3: Open game thread


Clay Buchholz vs. Lance Lynn


World Series game 3: Open game thread


Joe Kelly vs. Jake Peavy

World Series game 1: Open game thread


Adam Wainwright vs. Jon Lester

10/9/13: NLDS Game 5 thread


It's come down to this.

10/8/13: Tuesday playoff thread


More non-Mariners baseball!

10/7: Monday Playoff Thread


4 games. Critical division series games. This is OCTOBAH

10/6: NLDS Sunday Games Open Thread


If this place is as bumping as it was yesterday, we're going to need a couple of new servers up in here.

10/5: ALDS Games Open Thread


AL Playoff Bonanza!

10/4/13: Playoff bonanza game threads


There's a whole lot of baseball on today. Let's keep things concise with a single thread. Go teams!

10/3: NLDS Division Series Open Thread


Pirates vs. Cardinals: you know exactly who to root for. Dodgers vs. Braves: Brian McCann vs Yasiel Puig

AL Wild Card Game Open Thread


Alex Cobb faces Danny Salazar for a one game battle to get into the real playoffs. THIS TRAIIIIIIINNNNNNN

NL Wild Card Open Game Thread


It would totally suck if the Pirates clawed all the way back to the playoffs after two decades and then got clowned in a one-game playoff.

Game 163: Open Game Thread


The Rays and the Rangers in a one-game playoff to get into a one-game playoff.

Open Thread: Trade Deadline Day



MLB All-Star Game Open Thread


Open thread for the 2013 MLB All-Star Game.


3/31: MLB Opening Day Open Thread

Real baseball! And Astros! Texas Rangers @ Houston Astros Time: 5:05 pm PDTTelevision: ESPNAesthetically pleasing SB Nation preview: here

10/28: World Series Game 4 Open Thread


Game thread for Game 4 of the 2012 World Series between the Tigers and the Giants. It's Matt Cain and Max Scherzer on Sunday, October 28.

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