James Jones isn't looking so good anymore


James Jones is way worse at defense than we originally thought, and now the Mariners have two regular, sub-replacement level outfielders.

Brad Miller continues to struggle with two strikes


Brad Miller struck out looking on a meatball on Friday, and he's fallen back into his season-long slump after an encouraging June. What's he looking at with two strikes?

Bob Davidson and the god complex of MLB umpires


Brad Miller got thrown out of the game for "arguing" balls and strikes last night, but it was really home plate umpire Bob Davidson's ridiculous antics that caused things to go south.

Ken Griffey Jr. has a new TV show worth watching


Big Sticks, hosted by Griffey, premiered last night on Fox Sports 1. Here's my review.

A wasted week


7 starts, four runs allowed. 3-4 record.

James Jones as Juan Pierre


Lloyd McClendon may finally have his stereotypical leadoff hitter.

McClendon, Wedge, and their shortstops


Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

A blown save, the morning after


It's time to gather broken emotions back up off the floor and piece them back together.



The Mariners have wound back and forth to end up at .500, and there's more than a little light down the tunnel.

The Yankees: A preponderance of pomposity


Robinson Cano is returning to Yankee Stadium as an opponent playing for that one team that plays way out there ya know?


The future of Mariner promotions


Humble suggestions for ways to fill up Safeco and rake in the dough

A beautifully simplistic evening at Wrigley Field


Safeco Field has a lot to offer even if the neighborhood doesn't, but it's nothing like the stripped-down experience at Wrigley Field and the surrounding area.

Balancing the scales


Luck and randomness are an excruciatingly large part of baseball. The Mariners have already experienced both sides of the coin this year.

5-2: Chart


Ultimate Warrior (RIP): Corey Hart (.442 WPA) Lamest Pacifist: Dustin Ackley (-.133 WPA) Questions: Anyone ever had a lat strain? What does it feel like? Is Justin Smoak's glove going to the...

4-2: Chart



Abraham Almonte: Doer of things


The Mariners lead off hitter and center fielder is going to do a lot of stuff and he is going to do it quite quickly.

An ump's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day


It might have even been worse than you imagined.

M's introduce commercials: vote for your favorite


The new batch of commercials are out. Long live Brad Miller's lip quiver.

Robinson Cano and the lineup protection myth


There's an increasing amount of chatter that says the Mariners have to "protect" Robinson Cano in the lineup or his offense will be wasted. Don't fall for it.

Every Mariner Birthplace Mapped


Where did these guys come from? Mostly, from one ginormous country and one teeny one.

25 years with Upper Deck


It's been 25 years since Upper Deck printed their first set, and 25 years since they created one of the most iconic trading cards of all time. I sat down with Upper Deck president Jason Masherah to...

Scare tactics round two: the good part


Reversing course from yesterday's poll, this time about optimism

Scare tactics: Seattle Mariners edition


A poll about our biggest anxieties for the 2014 season

Simulating the offseason with OOTP


How would this offseason look in bizarro world? Different, that's for sure.

A Brad Miller Question


Did Brad Miller bulk up in the offseason?

Off to a great start


Well, what did you expect? These are the Mariners.

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