Mariner Numerology


Which Mariners best represent certain uniform numbers, and who among the current roster might claim their number as their own? Also: how will the author work in a Big Red Machine joke?

One Pitch to Kendrys Morales


Rhiner Cruz threw a pitch to the general vicinity of home plate.

Quick Thoughts on the Astros Series


The Mariners have played the Astros three times. The Mariners lost two times. They didn't just lose by a little, they got crushed. The Astros, who have been the victims of constant ridicule and...

No Nonsense: Hisashi Iwakuma's Finger


Hisashi Iwakuma's finger is dry and/or blistered, depending on who you talk to. This appears to be interfering with his ability to effectively throw his best pitch. Because the Mariners needed more...

Another Reason to be Dismayed by the Bullpen


What’s worse than watching a relief pitcher blow a hard-fought lead? Waiting for a relief pitcher to blow a hard-fought lead.

On Michael Morse and Feeling Silly


The author was not pleased when the Mariners traded John Jaso for Mike Morse. Now Morse is now Babe Ruth and the author looks like a real idiot to all his friends and co-workers.

Six Minor Degrees of Brian Sweeney


Brian Sweeney is, for all intents and purposes, a madeleine.

Sgt. Wedge Rallies The Troops


but not actually, because I'm not Eric Wedge

No Nonsense: The LOOGY-est LOOGY Of Them All


The Mariners have three lefties in the pen and two LOOGY prospects in the minors. But which one is the LOOGY-est of them all? The answer may surprise you...

Seattle Mariners Literal Fantasy Preview


Follow the Mariners roster as we project literal fantasy possibilities for all the key players.


LLinkage - 3/27 (LLsewhere)


Jeff at USS Mariner: Sailing to Sicily - Chone Figgins's swift descent from All-Star to Miami Marlins castoff Reviewing the 2013 Seattle Mariners Commercials - "ann SPOR drinks!" Jon Garland...

Curto: Ruffin converting to starter


Tacoma Rainiers play by play man Mike Curto: The Double-A game was being played on the next field over, and I wandered over and saw that Chance Ruffin not only started the game, but he pitched...

When Jesus Montero Hit an Infield Single


But it did happen.

The Honeycutts Experiment


For those who browse Lookout Landing posts through the site itself (as opposed to RSS feeds or outside links), we'll be experimenting with a mini-blog concept that we've named Honeycutts. We've...

The Art of Outfield Defense


Jason Bay got an opportunity to showcase his defensive skills for the Mariners. It could have been worse.

Anagrams of Mariners


This is terrible. Really, really terrible.

Mariners select Manaea in Sickels's mock draft


With the draft only two and a half months away, it's just about time to start paying attention to what kind of players might be available to the Seattle Mariners with their number-12 pick. John...

No Nonsense: Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders


Turns out Justin Smoak had problems hitting the other way for power... until this spring. Where have I heard this one before?

Felix is a Kind and Generous Individual


Felix proves there are free lunches, and this comes in the form of delicious ribs.

A Matter of Time


It’s a matter of perspective. Lose the Tour de France by four seconds and it’s the closest Tour of all time. Lose a 100-meter dash by four seconds and you’ll be the ridicule of the infield. What...

Shoplifter's Row


Fear the heart of the order as they might steal a Laffy Taffy and perhaps a pepperoni stick but probably won't kill anybody

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