Seattle Mariners Game Recaps

Mariners get beat up 7-2 by Astros.

The Mariners play like garbage on Felix Day and get Astroed 7-2.

Mariners decide losing is fun, do it again

The Mariners extend their losing streak to six with Sunday's 3-2 loss to the Marlins.

Henderson Alvarez: good. Seattle Mariners: bad.

Henderson Alvarez pitches a two-hit shutout and the Mariners fall to the Marlins 7-0.

7-9: Stanton clobbers the Mariners for the win

The Mariners drop the series opener in Miami after a Giancarlo Stanton walk-off grand slam. Maybe he'll be a Mariner in two years!

Cano, Hart can't overcome another Erasmo clunker

The Mariners fall below .500 as Robinson Cano and Corey Hart can't overcome another poor performance from Erasmo Ramirez.

Mariners take gift from Felix, flush down toilet

The Mariners fell to third place on Wednesday, after Fernando Rodney notches his first blown save in a 3-2 Rangers victory.

Mariners turn Arlington into Safeco, not that way

Here was a baseball game worthy of a recap of the following quality.

Texas' defense defeats Rangers, Mariners get win

The Mariners defeated the Texas Rangers 7-1 on Monday behind a nightmare sixth inning from Texas' defense. Roenis Elias is a peach.

Mariners reward Chris Young with big, fat snoozer

Scott Kazmir runs over Mariners batters with a 2004 Kia Sorento, and the Mariners fall 0-3 to the Oakland Athletics.

Mariners lose to A's, don't get ice cream

Sonny Gray strikes out nine as the A's scoot ahead of the Mariners into first place in the AL West.


Felix Hernandez steamrolls the A's despite trouble

Despite an eighth inning bullpen meltdown, the Mariners defeated the A's Friday night 6-4. Felix Hernandez continues to wait what is this even possible

Mariners remember heritage, lose to Angels

The Angels one-hit the Mariners with a 2-0 victory Wednesday evening. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Hart powers win, lat spawns fear

Corey Hart blasted two dingers in his home debut. James Paxton moved to 2-0, but left with a strained lat.

Mariners play Athletics, lose, world keeps turning

The Mariners fall to the Athletics 6-3 on Sunday and end their first road trip with a 4-2 record.

Felix beats A's at baseball, life

Felix dazzled in his second start of the year, striking out eight batters through eight innings and defeating the A's 3-1. Those home runs from Dustin Ackley and Abraham Almonte didn't hurt, either.

Mariners lose in extras to Sean Barber, Athletics

It's only one game it's only one game it's only one game it's only one game

Seattle Mariners Sweep, Are Awesome

We're only three games into the 2014 season and everything seems to be falling into place. Is it too early to be excited?

Miller double dips again, Erasmo excels in 8-3 win

Miller hits a pair of screaming home runs yet again, Justin Smoak comes up with a huge hit, Erasmo Ramirez looks terrific and the M's blow it wide open late for the second game in a row.

1-0: Mariners defeat Angels on Opening Day, 10-3

Despite some early theatrics from Mike Trout, the Mariners defeated the Angels 10-3 on Monday, winning their eighth-straight season opener. Felix was Felix.

1-0: Chart

Mike Trout hit a colossal home run in his first at-bat of the year and the Mariners wait...beat the Angels 10-3 what?

Rangers get four from Furbush, one from Mariners

Erasmo pitches through five scoreless, but the Mariners fall to the Rangers Wednesday, 3-5.

M's victory caps off weird day in Surprise

Felix Hernandez and the Mariners defeated the Royals on Tuesday, 9-6. It was a weird day

Beavan knocked around while Baker falls on sword

Beavan serves up meatballs, Cano keeps raking.

Mariners craft predictable comeback against A's

Stefen Romero crushed a walk-off home run to power the Mariners' 6-4 comeback win over the Oakland A's. Like it or not, he's going to find a place on this ballclub.

Mariners drop two on Saturday afternoon

The Mariners lost both split-squad games today, falling 3-4 to the Rockies and 5-6 to the Athletics

Vedder Cup in jeopardy as Padres defeat Mariners

The Mariners fell to the Padres 7-2 on Friday, but Eddie Vedder was probably watching the Cubs so whatever.

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