Seattle Mariners Game Recaps

O's defeat M's, 3-2


Ah, that old familiar feeling of Safeco baseball.

Mariners don't win baseball game


The Orioles beat the Mariners on Friday, 2-1.

Mariners dance on high wire, fall, break leg


The Mariners played another excruciating coin flip game and came out on the short end against should be Mariner Bartolo Colon.

53-47: Unfamiliar Mariners lose, familiarly


53-47: Unfamiliar Mariners lose, familiarly

No more extras, please


The Mariners beat the Angels on Saturday, 3-2.

The Mariners blow it sixteen times in a row


The Angels beat the Mariners, finally, after seventeen hours, three thrown bats, and 84,000 closed eyelids in the big A.

M's can't sweep the A's, which is fine


The A's beat the M's on Sunday afternoon, 4-1. Meh.

The Mariners defeat better team


Felix Hernandez and Friday's 3-2 win over the A's.

Mariners Mariner a Mariner game


The Twins beat the Mariners on Thursday, 4-2.

Elias trips, Mariners fall in 8-1 loss to Twins


The Mariners fall to the Twins on Wednesday, 8-1.


The Mariners Lose a Baseball Game


Today the Mariners played poorly and lost to the Minnesota Twins. It feels like it should mean something but it probably doesn't.

49-41: Graph


This is a baseball game represented by a green line, and also the level of excitement contained in said game.

Kuma mauls Twins, Mariners win 2-0


The Mariners beat the Twins 2-0 on the strength of two solo home runs and a stellar outing by Hisashi Iwakuma.

49-40: Chart


Win Expectancy Chart, courtesy of Fangraphs, for the Twins @ Mariners game on July 8 2014.

Mariners battle White Sox, entropy in 14-innings


Felix doesn't get the win, but the M's do anyway, 3-2.

The Mariners are dead. Long live The Mariners.


The M's beat the Astros on Wednesday, 5-2.

Mariners double their way to victory, 13-2


The Mariners beat the Astros 13-2 on Tuesday in large part due to a seven-run sixth inning, but also because of a bunch of other hits and some pitchers who threw nice bendy balls, but mostly...

Felix hungry. Felix eat. Felix eat Cleveland.


The Mariners beat the Indians on Sunday, 3-0.

Mariners respond to Indians' challenge with a hit


The Mariners were one hit away from being perfect game'd today, losing to the Indians 5-0.

Endy pushes M's over Indians, 3-2


The Mariners defeated the Cleveland Indians on Friday, 3-2.

Mariners give one to Red Sox


Iwakuma wasn't his best but um...Brandon Maurer? Kyle Seager? Mike Zunino? Brad Miller?

Mariners apologize, buy Felix something nice


As an apology for wasting his last three (fantastic) starts, the Mariners thrashed the Red Sox 12-3, handing a win to the King on a night when he lacked his best stuff.

Seattle Mariners dethrone Royals, 2-1


In which a recently successful Kansas City Royals ballclub's autonomy is challenged by an insurgent threat from the West, challenging outdated imperialist dogma with an anarchic, populist ideology...

Mariners sneak one past the Royals


How is Chris Young?

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