BPro's Top 10 Mariners Prospects

Subscription required to read the whole thing, but here's the top 10: Taijuan Walker, RHP D.J. Peterson, 1B James Paxton, LHP Victor Sanchez, RHP Edwin Diaz, RHP Luiz Gohara, LHP Chris Taylor, SS Tyler Pike, LHP Tyler Marlette, C Gabriel Guerrero, OF

Chip Hale, maybe Mariners manager, 90 Donruss


Because this is the only way I can ever think of Chip Hale.

Felix('s House) is on Fire

I knew Felix was hot, but dang, this is crazy.

DMZ On the Broken Contract of Safeco Field

DMZ wrote a small post about Howard Lincoln's comment about how he expects to sell the team to fans. Thought it might be worth a discussion here, given that the comments are off over at USSM.

Bryan Price will Not be new Seattle Skipper.

Well there goes my top pick for 2014 manager. :( Cooooome oooonnnnn... Brownie! Don't make me go 0/2.

Carlos Peguero's wife tries to use Felix's wife's money....fails.

"The wife of Seattle Mariners outfielder Carlos Peguero is facing federal wire-fraud charges for allegedly using a debit card belonging to the wife of star pitcher Felix Hernandez to make nearly $180,000 in online purchases, according to sources and court documents."

Michael Morse scheduled to have wrist surgery

Doctors say the injury growth likely began in May and may have affected his swing, causing him to not hit as well as normal. Morse had been hitting .254/.321/.468 with 11 home runs through May. From June onward, he hit just .165/.204/.273 with two home runs.


Willie Bloomquist Dressed as a Kinky Leprechaun


Because I know somebody -- maybe even someone outside Port Orchard -- will want to see this. Here's the explanation, but I really think this picture stands on its own. Note: I don't think that dominatrix girdle thing is standard Fighting Irish gear, so maybe he brought that from home?

Mariners claim Travis Witherspoon off waivers from the Angels

Apparently a Travis Witherspoon is a 24-year-old toolsy outfielder who can't hit AA pitching (.214/.299/.342 this year).

Jamie Moyer Interviewed on Fresh Air

Jamie Moyer talks with Fresh Air's Dave Davies about how he's kept his mind and his body in shape to compete with men half his age.


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