Beyond the Boxscore on Mariners lineup efficiency

Interesting saber take on our upcoming lineup, pre-Guti re-sign. The author advocates for WFB in the outfield regularly over Ackley...

Fangraphs podcast with Tony Blengino

Listening now, there's at least some talk about the FO stuff from the Baker article.

Roy Halladay to retire

No real Mariner relevance beyond my vague idea of signing him as a low-cost, high-ceiling flyer, but sad to see him out of the game.

Napoli back to Boston


Signs 2-year deal with Red Sox.

Kyle Seager Listed At #48 On Grantland's MLB Trade Value Column

Over at Bill Simmons' pop culture, sports, pop culture, gardening, horoscope, pop culture, literature, pop culture, and book club website,, baseball writer Jonah Keri has a nice blurb about our own KS, in which a couple of rival execs are quoted with glowing comments.

Mat Gamel: Freely available talent

Just another example of what they talk about when they say "freely available talent". At the least, he'd add good depth for a team in AAA. At best, some team might finally give him a shot to see if maybe he really can hit in the Majors.

Fangraphs top 10 Mariners prospects

1. Walker 2. Peterson 3. Paxton 4. Sanchez 5. Hultzen 6. Pike 7. Diaz 8. Gohara 9. Taylor 10. Wilson

Who Makes MLB's Schedules? (well, used to)

I had absolutely no idea who or what company was responsible for drawing up every team's MLB schedule until I saw this wonderfully made video by ESPN Films. I know everyone complains how it always turns out, but this video really puts it in perspective a bit better and just how frustrating that job must be... or must have been, since they got replaced in 2005. Wonderful video, I recommend it to all baseball fans interested in how the big machine used to work.

BPro's Top 10 Mariners Prospects

Subscription required to read the whole thing, but here's the top 10: Taijuan Walker, RHP D.J. Peterson, 1B James Paxton, LHP Victor Sanchez, RHP Edwin Diaz, RHP Luiz Gohara, LHP Chris Taylor, SS Tyler Pike, LHP Tyler Marlette, C Gabriel Guerrero, OF

Chip Hale, maybe Mariners manager, 90 Donruss


Because this is the only way I can ever think of Chip Hale.

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